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Microbiome Scientist

Hey there!

I'm a recent PhD graduate from the University of Southern California. My research expertise relates to the role of the Gut-Brain Axis in neurodegeneration. I now study the microbiome overall in animal and humans alike, and my passion is to determine potential therapeutic strategies to improve gut health, like exercise and diet. My overall goal as a research scientist is to disseminate complicated physiologic mechanisms that impact clinical conditions to the general public in a tangible, engaging way!

Outside of the research lab, I teach physiology, nutrition, and exercise science- both in the classroom and virtually. I host a podcast and educational YouTube channel, and share the knowledge I have acquired in health sciences via social media.

When I'm not working on research or teaching, I spend my days finding delicious food in the LA area with my husband, running, weightlifting, and spending time at the beach!


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