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Rethinking Parkinson Disease: Exploring Gut-Brain Interactions and the Potential Role of Exercise (J Physical Therapy, 2022)

Interstitial Glucose and Subsequent Affective and Physical Feeling States: A Pilot Study Combining Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Ecological Momentary Assessment in Adolescents (J Psychom Res, 2020)

Association Between Systemic Inflammation And Skeletal Muscle Mass Following Exercise In Breast Cancer Survivors (MSSE, 2020)

Effects Of A 16-week Aerobic And Resistance Exercise Intervention On Leptin/adiponectin Ratio In Overweight And Obese Breast Cancer Survivors (MSSE, 2019)

Muscle Strength and Insulin Levels in Following a Combined Exercise Intervention in Breast Cancer Survivors (MSSE, 2018)

Circuit aerobic and resistance exercise to target metabolic dysregulation in breast and prostate cancer survivors: The CARE trial study design (J. Clinical Oncology, 2018)

Master's Thesis: Effects of concurrent exercise during simulated microgravity on soleus muscle fiber myonuclear content (2017

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